What is CCNSG Training?


It is a training about safety for contractors and people working on building sites that was created in order to make the construction sites more safe for people working there. Anyone that has gone through a CCNSG Training will know the basics of safety behaviors and how to behave on the construction site. So if you are a contractor yourself or running a construction related company in United Kingdom, than make sure that you and your employees have the CCNSG Training done regularly (every 3 years to renew it).



Objectives of CCNSG Training are:

  • Have received the necessary health and safety information to enable them to demonstrate their understanding via a number of tests.
  • Have the knowledge to prevent accidents and know safe practices.
  • Understand the importance of good housekeeping.


The CCNSG Safety Passport Scheme offers three courses:

  1. The National Course
  2. The Renewal Course
  3. The Leading a Team Safely Course

Check out more informations about each of the courses here.


Here is a list of topics that are covered by CCNSG Training:

  • History and Role of Engineering/construction in UK.
  • Importance of Productivity
  • Benefits of the Safety Passport
  • Safe Behaviour
  • Casual factors of incidents & accidents
  • Legal framework and Lawenforces
  • Consequences of poor safety failure
  • Hierachy of control
  • Hazards, risks and risk control


Where to get CCNSG Training in Manchester?

There are many companies offering CCNSG Training in the United Kingdom as these is widely used training across many companies in the construction niche. Choosing a right one to train yourself and/or your team might not be an easy task.

To help you out you can visit our partner company CCNSG Training Manchester – they offer CCNSG training in Manchester regularly so you can choose a date that suits you best. Here are some of the upcoming trainings for CCNSG (click on the image to view current schedule):

available dates for CCNSG Training in Manchester

CCNSG Training Manchester